Monday, 14 October 2019

Soliel Tan De Chanel - THE best bronzer

A bold statement i've made in my header, but its so true! I grabbed this as a treat to myself, for heading off with work for the anual bed show. For which i wanted new makeup, as i had been using minimal all summer, and when September hits my skin always goes very dull!

This Chanel bronzer was the perfect pick me up, with a warming colouring from the cream, it just adds enough colour on my face to make me look healthy, and not yet dead, which is the pale look i was rocking before this hot my head!

It is expensive at £40, i did get a discount of 15% off at Debenhams, in one their regular discount weekends, but i can say it will be lasting a while, as still the whip is on top, and i've used it everyday since 1st weekend in September!
Well worth the splurge!

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