Monday, 21 October 2019

Make up of the moment; Clarins

Clarins is by far my faviurite makeup (and skin/ bodycare to be fair) of the moment!

I grabbed new foundation, concealer and lip perfecters on a recent trip to a local salon, where there was a Clarins expert in, and who matched me and showed me techniques. The foundation is spot on for my, as it looks exactly like my skin, just adding a less dead look of colour.

The concealer is excellent at covering my dark eyes, and the lip perfecter is slowing over taking my true love of their lip oil!

I also got a gift box with purchase too, which was a win!

At the moment, my whole face is Clarins with;
Beauty flash balm
SOS primter in universal
Skin illusion foundation
Instant concealer
Lip perfector in pink or nude
Ever matte mineral compact
4d lash mascara
ombre eye shadow

Loving it, and can't wait to see their Christmas collection at a beauty event at the local spa; The Beauty Spa, in Horbury, where there is a special Clarins event on 24th October!

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