Thursday, 15 August 2019

I was nicely gifted this Iroha faskmask in June from Catalyst, and i didn't put off using it as my skin was doing good and thought it looked a bit too green. I'm a pink girl, ok?!
However, Saturday pre menstural skn meant a breakout and it was slapped on, and lo and behold i really enjoyed using it!

The metallic green mixture was crazy, but went on really well. I used my fingers, as i am not about the brushes.
Its in a handy screw cap too, so you get 4 uses out of it! Yes!

Look, I am like that girl from Guardians of the Galaxy! Ha! Felt real nice though. IT didn't tighten my skin in a horrid way, dried well too.

Peel off mask too, i mean how much fun does a girl need for a pamper session!?
It came off in 1 piece too, but i was so in awe i forgot a snap of it in the sink, so all ya get is the screwed up ball, soz!

There you go.

Afterwards my skin is a glow with freshness. The spots disappeared from my firehead, and I didn't even use a moisturiser afterwards, as it just felt too good without it!

Thanks so much to Iroha and Catalyst, once again! :)

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