Friday, 16 August 2019

Happy Birthday Glossybox!

July Glossybox is a happy birthday to the beauty box brand, and a sparkly edit of their monthly subscription box!

Packs with 5 beauty products, whic is the major attraction for many, including myself as a little monthly treat. Lucky for me, it actually arrived for my monthlies, so the extra perk was fab!

So crammed into July's box is;

Imperial Leather show foam - Always a win for any shower products as i love trying them all out! Foams are such a great way of using less too!

Furr eyelash curlers - Love me some lash curlers and i don't care how old that makes me!

Beauty Pro Eye therapy - These hydro gel masks were a bit mehh when i saw them, but i used them this morning (Sunday) drinking my morning coffee and My eyes have perked up, are nice and cool. I loved the fact only one side were coated, making it so much easier to apply them! Take note other companies!! Same they were one use, as i liked them. Will be hunting them down soon!

Bang Beauty liner - Never heard of these guys in fairness, but a felt liner never goes a miss. It is all wrapped up so hopefully will last a while as i won't be needing it until winter time. Love the packaging too, with it being holographic!

Huda Lip strobe - I hate it ok? The texture is vile. The consistency thick and sticky and the colour isn't for me. I think i would have made it work if i'd got the champagne or something, as i love metallic and glossy, but NO. Bin.

All in all i love this months box.
I admit i never usually stick with the beauty subs, but i am this time. Glossybox are on top of their game right now!
Hopefully will get my hands on the advent calendar advertised too!!

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