Friday, 9 August 2019

Gifted; Star Dust Flamingo Bubble Mask

how nice is a good ol' pamper session?! I love to apply a face mask on a Sunday evening, to prepare whatever hellish delights await me at work that week. At least in my Sunday bubble I can be relaxed.

This bubble sheet mask by Star Dust is mad how it works! Its a sheet, that when applied it starts to bubble away!

Look at those bubbles! It made a crackling sound, but felt quite nice! I don't usually like sheet masks, but this was an exception as the way it worked was a good sensation!

I think I had it on for about 15 mins, with the max time 20 mins on the packet. My skin was glowing afterwards!

Look at that glow. So I will 100% be getting these beauties again for another pamper session!
Thanks so much to Star Dust& Catalyst for sorting this one! :)

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