Tuesday, 23 July 2019

This months Glossybox is a winner!

So even though the box this month gives me the holiday vibes, and i miss that sunny climate, I loved opening Glossybox!

I've always wanted to try Moroccan oil and will use this in my hair loads!

I think all the products are perfect for me!

The cleanser is spot on, as i love me some skincare saviours!

My tan is kinda dulling, so this Palmers Cocoa Butter tan will perk it up!

I've used these Boots Witch hazel masks before so can only say excellent things about my skin after! I am a huge Witch Hazel fan for skin with its properties that soothe!

Plus a full size in this mascara by Manna Kadar will be perfect for my mascara addiction!

Definitely sticking it out with Glossybox after these beauties!

Also got a free make up bag, for sining up, which is see-through and perfect for holidays and customs! Yay! :)

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