Sunday, 14 July 2019

Makeup mastercass ; Nude By Nature

So i wasn't planning on doing anything this weekend, then Lucy messaged to say Nude By Nature were asking for people to head to their masterclasses on Satuurday in Leeds Boots store, so thought why not!
She handed over my details, but in the meantime i saw the eventbrite link in their instagram bio and signed up for the 1pm class.

So i headed to Leeds on Saturday, taking the bus which i bloody hated, so i will force myself to driver and deal with the parking when i get there next time!! Went into Boots, and there were lots of hustle and bustle on the counters!

I browsed around all the lovely counters that have been refurbished and added, like Too Faced who offered me a lucky dip, of which i pulled out Lip Injection, a mini lip plumper. Which is fab as i don't think i've ever tried any Too Faced before!

Then i saw a group of people at the doors, near all the Nude By Nature signage and went and stood, ready for the masterclass to start.

It was hosted by their make up artist Clint Dowdell, who gave a makeover and talked through products.

Starting with the primer, which a dollop was handed out around, and is the thing i fell for instantly, with the smell, texture and coverage on shine it is perfect!

There were a whole face of products shown like the highlighter, brow gel and the loose powder, which is another item i really liked, and may head back for soon!

Then were chatted to Clint who said he would take us over to the stand, talk through some products and give us mini makeovers. We each picked some things, i was informed the Nude By Nature BB cream would be perfect on my skin, but in a darker shade to show a bronzed look, which is my thing right now. It went on really like but gave a great colour!

We messed around in the mirror, took some selfies to try and win for the compeition, then browse some more and grabbed the items we wanted!

For attending the free eventbrite event, we were give a little bag with a flyer in it, a mini highlighter in opal and a lip products in rose. Free event and a goody bag, amazing!

Seeing as though i never head anywhere on a Saturday, i really enjoyed being in Boots for the event and will be looking for more soon!

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