Friday, 12 July 2019

Harvey Nichols event - Beauty and the beach

For £10 I think it was well spent!

Photo credit: Emma at Catalyst PR - see

I headed to Leeds to meet the lovely group of girls from our meet up last month, which you can read more about here.

Photo; ticket and event plan

We weren't really sure what to expect from the event as it didn't give out much on the site! However, once we showed our tickets, we were given a voucher to redeem against the £10 we had spent on our tickets, and told we could browse the bottom and 1st floors.

We headed up to the 1st floor, to where the drinks were, and grabbed ourselves a glass of fruity cocktail, which I went for pineapple and it was delicious!

There was a demo from Nars as well at £7.30 so we all sat down to watch that, and marvel at the new orgasm goodies, which I didn't think I would lust after but wow, I need them all!

There's a new pallet, huge size blush, a lip oil and a brick blush with 3 different shades! Ok so you probable already know my £10 is going towards those beauts! Yes!

There was then a Charlotte Tilbury demo, for all the body type products; Supermodel body, their Healthy Glow and the new hot lips collection. It was another lustworthy viewing, but I do like to save my spending sprees on CT for when I head to the boutique in London at Xmas time!

Then it was mega hot, so we headed back downstairs to browse all the counters.

Now, it was great being able to browse pretty freely and get on hand help right away, rather than the hustle and bustle of the weekends, however, the lack of samples on counters was a bit naff! I'd expect all the brands to be giving away their new mascara samples, or pots of lotions and potions, but alas not much there, apart from a great brand Valmont! the guy on their was a delight, and really helpful! so that is actually a counter I would head back to! The displays were cute though, like the beachy one above!

I of course though, headed to Nars to use my £10, set on the lip oil, but when I set my eyes on the huge orgasm blush, I HAD to have that too, plus the packaging is the match the shade, a dusty, sparkly pink. Yum!

I've used the blush the morning and still love it after all this time! The lip oil is so soothing also, and not sticky. I do love a lip oil or gloss compared to mega colour now  a days!

Then upon leaving, we were handed a goody bag, which was included in the ticket price! It was SUCH a treat, for only £10! Look at it!
Prosecco, samples of perfume, make up etc.
I would head there again, and take more money for a shopping trip next time! Hopefully there's a Christmas event too!

Fab night seeing all the girls again too! :)

I found the event on Event Brite, so definitely check out the things going on there! :)

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