Friday, 28 June 2019

I went to Miller & Carter for a blogger meet this week!

So i headed to a blog event on Sunday, which hasn't happened in forever, in face i scrolled and here is the last one i went to back in 2017! Mad!
It was actually a big topic of conversation at this meet, as to why people don't do the meets so much anymore, with opinions varying from the goody bags suffering no reviews, catty people or people not actually showing up when they've booked on.

Anyhow, this meet was just a cool get together of some familiar faces to me, and some cool new gals that i met too.

It was in Doncaster at a Miller& Carter just off the motorway, which travelling their in my car, alone was novel for me, as i rarely go anywhere, let alone go on the motorway!? Go me! Woo!

I hadn't been to Miller& Carter before, so the food to try was delicious! I had a main AND desert and it was mouth wateringly yummy!

We also had Emma joining us, and that amazing lady is from Catalyst PR and gift me a tube of Dr Paw Paw that i pretty certain i am addicted to, as its nearly gone!

I'm off to buy myself another one tomorrow to keep my lips supple. I usually stick with Blistex medicated, but this Dr Paw Paw is some seriously rad stuff! I would say get on the bandwagon for sure this summer, to get your smooches ready! Ha!
As for the two face masks, i'm waiting for a killer coldsore to clear up and then i am all over them both, as Skincare Sundays are the one for me!

It was so nice to have a lovely afternoon with everyone, and huge thanks to the brand who gave us a MASSIVE bag of goodies, with big thanks again to Kathryn for organising that and Lucy for booking the place!

I will be going through the bag in the coming week, and posting bits on my instagram; @samspeaks__ and on here in depth, as i am just so stoked to have a few bits to try out again and let you lovely lot know all about them!

So hello, enjoy it and I have another event booked in already with those gals next month! Woohoo!

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