Sunday, 14 April 2019

Spring Glossybox for April

I have had a subscription box in SO long. The novelty kinda wore off, and the monthly charges were too much for me to handle at the time with my finances, but having seeing there was a super special Easter Glossybox going on sale, I decided to join up to the sub last week!

The delivery was super fast and it came by Wednesday, and I ordered it late Sunday! Wow!

I did an unboxing on my instagram the next morning, and was SO impressed with the items, as I really, honestly will use them all. That is pretty special with these boxes!

So inside with my thoughts are:
Body Butter - I use tonnes of the stuff, and this one smells delcious! I will be saving it for when I am sunkissed after my holiday in June!

Po - I used it last night, and my skin looks pretty great after looking a buit washed out and dull. I will keep using it every few days!

Jeanne Arthes; Let you dreams blossom - Not only cute looking packagaing with the flowers matching the box this month, but smells GOOOOOOD. I will be taking this to my office to spritz in there throughout the day!

Original Source; Water Fusions, Raspberry& Rose water - Is there anything more of a staple than Original Source shower gel?! Always amazing to have one of these in my showering life!

Dr Paw Paw; Hot Pink Balm - I am a firm hot pink girl in lip colours. However, I have had Dr Paw Paw before and didn't get it. I didn't dislike, I just didn't get the hype, so I hope this time I will love the hint of tint and get what everyone fawns over... We shall see!

Palmers; Natural Fusions - Hair mask, err my favourite hair product ever?! I always love a hair mask when the weather changes. As I have my hair bleached blonde it is always needed, so this will be perfect to use next weekend, when I have my hair done!

I mean 6 items, 3 definitely full sized, the PO possibly also full all in a pretty pink box! What more could I need just in time for the first bank holiday of the year?! I will look fabulous when I head out for cocktails!

What are your thoughts this month on the Glossybox?
And, yes, I did snap up the Easter egg, so I will be posting that up later this week! :)

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