Thursday, 4 April 2019

Mothers Day lunch

I think i am a foodie. I used to be a clubber and never saw Sundays, but now my worldis filled with great food and I love it!
We decided to take Mum for lunch for Mothers Day as a surprise, and she really enjoyed it, at the local Horse& Jockey; Nostalic Kitchen, which does old school pub favourites.

Sadly Mum isn't going to be around forever, so I thought experiences rather tha flowers which die after a week would be so much better.
A full roast, pudding and then across the road for coffees was such a nice spring day!

The food is listed on the boards around the tables, with specials listed and a Sunday Roast for the Sunday only, puddings are also on there.

My brother and Dad loved the food too, and they are more often than not hard to please!

How yummy looking is this pudding?!

Me, with my left eye slightly closed as I have an infection. So nice to share with you all.

Our coffees at Di Bosco afterwards were nice, but the service not so great, so we popped off home to have naps after the yum food and a Sunday stroll.
Hope you all had a lovely Spring Sunday/ Mothers Day if celebrating!

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