Monday, 15 April 2019

Face mask testing; Aldi - is it any good?

So I spotted this mud mask in Aldi, and as i don't really use these, I am not sure what to think, but I shall give you a run down on it, and you draw your own conclusion!

It was pretty muddy& wet then dried after about 7 mins - it sais to leave on between 15-20 mins.

My skin felt pretty tight, as I assume it draws out the oil from the pores.

I washed off at 12 mins, and it was SO difficult. As it was mud, it was really tightly on my face, so I had to scrub.
Is this normal for a mud mask? Idk...
My face just ended up being so red, and same the next morning.
So I am unsure if it worked or not. I don't have pots or anything, just like my pores to be clear, so i treat myself to a face mask every Sunday usually.

Let me know your thoughts!

The Aldi mask was £3.99.

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