Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Primakr mini haul ; beauty buys

Although I haven't been buying clothes from Primark, there beauty section is the BEST to visit. That "just one thing" option is never done, as you just pick up some fabulous buys!
I loved the cute bunny body puffs £1.50, and got 2 for Easter presents, instead of choccy eggs this year!
I got some fake tan last week, and had a orange hand so thought it best to get myself a mitt £2!
The hair turbans £1.50 are my fave buy from there, I have 3 of them already and added this one, as I use them so much easier than a towel! I take them away with me on business trips or holidays and will be a couple more for my hols this year!
The new thing I am trying is the setting spray £4, which should be a good test against the beloved UD All Nighter! But for the price I thought why not!

Now the cleansing wipes £1.50 for 2 pcks, are real great. I am using the Micellar ones and they are super soaked, get rid of my make up before my two cleanse ritual and are jus a magnificent buy. The matte ones £1.50 for two I don't understand how they make my face matte, but also remove my makeup so win for me at the price!
The lip bullets £1.50 in matte shades i discobered last April when I was looking for a nude lip for a wedding, and I fell for the gorgeous shades. I picked up two of the same in tickle, as my pal loves a matte lip too! The shades last all day for me, and I do use a darker liner with them to create a better looking lip than the natural one i have, but the contract with the liner looks great!
The Double ended liner and crayon £2 i just thought was perfect for me at work, with it being a two in one! The nude was for a friend and the hot pink for me. I haven't used it loads at it is a bright lip, but the texture is creamy and matte and looks great!

I will pop back into Primark around Easter time, hopefully bikinis are in there, so that I can start putting them away for my June holiday!

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