Sunday, 24 March 2019

Back blogging; Zoella with Colourpop

No doubt you will have been bombarded by the posts about Zoella's collection with Colourpop, but i thought i'd still post, as I really LOVE everything in the collection!

Look at the cute packaging?! I thoujght the clear bag will be perfect for my customs bits at security in the airport this year too! The brunch theme is right up my street as i love brunching!

Before it arrived, (the PR package is the one i went for, might as well grab everything) I didn't think i would wear the red lip, but that's the first thing i grabbed! I love it, with its kind of pinky hue!
The eye pallet is JUST my kind of colours, with me wearing browns and glittery shadows non stop everyday, plus i can top it up with one of the liquid shadows in rose gold or copper!
The bluhs i s lovely pink hint and the highlighter is ok, but i don't overly love it, as it is really powdery.
The liners are great and i will be wearing them a lot more over Spring into Summer!

Here i am wearing Bossy liquid lip / Self Love Club liner, the rose gold liquid shadow, the highlight & blush and liner on waterline. Looks real good!

I think the Zoella colab is spot on for her brand, with browns, red lip and blush and highlight; these are everything she uses in her vlogs.
I will say I am a fan of her/ her brand, so I thought about my bias, but i really think this just works.

Enough of the hate, enjoy the collection or don't buy it. Simple. 

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