Sunday, 9 December 2018

Blogmas day 9 - Lidl knock offs

Yes, we've all seen them, and we all want to know HOW they do it?! I for one, want to know how they get away with it, but does it live up to the same hype as the brands?!
At £5.99 per item, these are pretty spot on dupes of the bigger make up brands, like Benefit and Charlotte Tilbury.

With names like Too legit, as a mascara exact replica of They're Real, I mean photos are similar, packaging and wand, come onnnn! then Aloha is Hoola by Benefit, and the face duo is same as Charlotte Tilbury!
I tried them out this week, after getting them last week, and I do have to say I am SO impressed with them! The contour with both bronzers is excellent. Plus all the items are cruelty free, which is more boastful than Benefit who sell to China!

Here I am with the make up on the other night, and I admit, I will be repurchasing these items if they're back in stock again!!

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