Thursday, 6 December 2018

Blogmas Day 6 - Nars christmas

When I went to London last weekend, as per this post , I popped in the Nars shop. I did mention it in my London post, but I thought I would swatch and talk about it some more in its own post, as I am really loving it!

I wanted to check out their Christmas stuff, and hoped to get myself the highlighter pallet.
A very helpful assistant asked if I needed anything, and I said about the Orgasm pallet, but sadly that is online only, but they had the High voltage one, with similar shades, like pink highlighter, bronze and gold. I loved the outer packaging and so said yet.
The lovely lady then pointed out the orgasm little fetishes set, which has a lipstick and blush in orgasm pink shades!

Of course I went for the cute gift, as orgasm is one of my favourite make up shades!
When I was paying I then remembered about their new mascara, and asked for a Climax mascara.
I mean the names are SO hilariously cheeky, but they also work wonders.

So here is me heading out with the girls on Wednesday night, trying out all the goodies which I got in the Nars boutique!

Let me know your best items too! :)

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