Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Blogmas Day 4 - The annual London trip

Photo- me outside Harrods selfie

 Just about every year me and the girls head down to London, from Wakefield/ Mirfield on the train. In previous years it has been £23.10, this year the fare was £31.50. Still super cheap for a day out in London!

Photo - Cafee Concerto; cake and coffee on the table

We headed to Regent Street first, after eating a delicious bacon sandwich on the train, and washing it down with a hot cup of cappuccino! We popped in a few shops right away, like Kiehls for me and Whittards for me chums, and got some great festive gifts!
We then went into a cafe, which had mouth watering cakes in the window! I mean look how good they look?! I couldn't finish mine, which was the bottom left, as it was HUGE!

Photo - Kiehls shopping; Midnight Receovery& Creme De Corps

Here's my Kiehls loot, of which I have never used before! I know, mad right, but I needed new body moisturiser as my skin is super bad and itchy right now. The items are the festive edition ones, so they look all colourful!
Plus the Midnight Recovery is like a cult product, so I had to get in on it!
Kiehls has 15% off for Black Friday too, so it worked out a good deal, and I got it gift wrapped in the festive box :)

 We then headed all the way up Regent Street, looking in all the amazing shop windows, visiting all 5 floors of Hamleys toy store, and buying the exclusive Lego The Queens guard, which is a great present for my brother who still loves Lego!

We went onto Oxford Street, and looked in awe at the HUGE stores, like Debenhams, Boots with the massive Merry Christmas hanging outside! We shopped and shopped and shopped!
Photo - me outside Harrods Selfie.

We then got the tube through to Knightsbridge for Harrods, which was a HUGE disappointment! To say it is usually my favourite London shop, the service and experience was so poor, that it has put me off heading there again.
So bummed about that, but managed to get a few good Christmas things for my Mum!

Photo - Me& friends in front of the Covent Garden Christmas tree selfie style

We then went onto Covent Garden, which was dark and 5pm by the time we headed there, and there were SO many shops I wanted to go to, but sadly I only made it to 2 of those!

I went in Nars first, as the packaging is SO me this festive edition! With studs all over it was exactly my style!
I went in for a highlighter pallet, that turns out is only available online, but got the High Voltage red case one instead, then the assistant grabbed an Little Festishes studded pot, which has inside a mini orgasm blush and mini orgasm lipstick. When I got to the till to check out, it turns out there was 20% off for Black Friday!! Erm, amazing, so I asked if I could also have a Climax mascara. The bag it all came in was gorgeous, and I will reuse it for lunches soon!

Photo - me outside Charlotte Tilbury holding my bag of treats I bought

Photo - bag of Charlotte Tilbury make up, from the store. 

 Then at 5.33pm I rushed off to my favourite Covent Garden Store, Charlotte Tilbury!
I headed inside and knew pretty much everything I wanted.

I picked up the Hollywood lips mini bag for Christmas right away, from the display. I then spotted the Stars In Your Eyes limited Edition pallet, and even though I didn't think I wanted it, I spotted it and wanted it. It is an amazing box covered in sparkly glitter, with warming shades all in 3's so that each colour complements the other.

I think asked an assistant for my colour of concealer in the Magic Wand, and the Magic foundation, but sadly all my colour matched shades were out of stock. Boo! Alas i got a Airbrush Flawless Filter compact and a tube of Legendary Lashes mascara, which was a huge price tag, but for spending over £75 I got a free bottle of Scent Of A Dream perfume.

Then the shops had shut when I came out, so we headed to the station, ready for our quick 2 hour journey back up North with all our bags filled with goodies! We had to squeeze them onto the luggage rack overhead, and under our table seat.

It was such a brilliant day of shopping, just a shame we couldn't squeeze more in the day!
We travelled on Grand Central railways, which has student discount on offer also!

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