Sunday, 2 December 2018

Blogmas Day 2 - The Advent Calendars

So as you may see, I have 3 advent calendars, as I just could not choose! I will be blogging the doors and items each day or week.

For the John Lewis one, I have it at work, so I thought a weekly round up on this one would be good, so you can check out the items, see some swatches when I do them at the end of the weeks.

The second one is the CT one I grabbed in the sale this summer. So it is last years drawers and items, but it was £75 and well worth it for the products! I will be using this one as a 12 days countdown to Christmas!

Lastly, but my favorite of recent years is the Marks& Spencer beauty calendar, which is £35 when you spend £35 on clothing, beauty or home in store. I think it is completely sold out this year, which is amazing, but sad for you if you weren't quick enough!

The M&S one I am going to clog daily, as it will be opened at home, when I spring out of bed excited to open a door on a morning!

Hope you love me being back blogging, and comment below if you have the calendars, or what other ones you think I should grab in the sales! :)

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