Saturday, 15 December 2018

Blogmas day 15 - The Advent Calendars

Ok i not ony missed uploading yesterdays advent calendars, but also this is SO bloody late its unreal, PLUS I forgot to open my John Lewis one at work!! Nighmare!
So the JL one will be a Monday triple post...
Onto the CT one, where i got a lip pot, in red, yes the one colour i never wear! But a few friends do wear it, so i shall gift it on!

The the Debenhams for day 14 was a handcream, which always comes in handy as i NEED the stuff now a days! Not heard of the brand though, but i am sure it will be lovely! Pretty decent sized one too!

The Marks& Spencer one gave me a nail file. My Mum will love this item!

The CT beauty drawers today gave a Super Model body, whic i understand it to be a shimmer body product, I think? I shall give it a whirl this week I reckon!

In the Debenhams calendar, there is a lip colour in a metallic shade! It is a full size I think so maybe the 2nd half of this calendar is a little better? Isn't really a shade i'd wear daily, but you never know the occassion i guess!

Day 15 on the Book of Beauty gave a lip colour is a sparkly pink shade, which i will be wearing right away! Excellent choice of colour!

So a lapse for one day means i will work hard this next week!

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