Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Blogmas Day 12 - Our girls nights out

Girls friends are the best things in the world to them, let me tell you from experience.
No matter what you go through, who you go through it with is what matters, which is why a girls night out full of giggles, drinks and bloody good food is what it is all about!

Every few Wednesdays we head to a local place for Italian, it has to be our favourite food, even though me and Clarissa get the WORST hangup on it, and never sleep after eating the garlic filled dishes. Who knows why as we love it and gorge on it still!
The place is Zucchninnis and is 2 for the price of 1 on mains every Wednesday, which means each time we get the bill, we're so shocked that we try sneakily pay without sounding any alarms, but it really is ALWAYS under £20!

I bloody love getting from work, getting dolled up knowing my pals will be there for a good laugh, and to hear the new hilarious stories Rebecca has, or to enjoy a catch up with Lynn.
There's usually a group of 7+ of us, and we all know each other from Highgate, where we've either worked, or met though someone who has worked there.

I think i am currently borderline (full on the bandwagon) obsessed with Aperol Spritz hype. I always get picked up and get to drink a delcious dose of that orangey goddess like cocktail each time! Yum!
It always comes bucket size and I love diving in!

Everyone always hums and arrs about coffees and desserts when we all know we're gonna have them! Even if it is just to enjoy another story from one of us about our latest escapades!
So, the next one is coming up next week,a nd it really gets me through the tough and dull times, knowing that whenever i need them, my girl friends are there on the end of a phonecall, and waiting with more giggles when I need them!
Roll on next week :)

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