Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Advent calendars day 4

*sings* On the 4th day of December, John Lewis gave to meeeeeee.... Ren skin care that will be glowy for meeeeeeee.
So a glow tonic from Ren, which is right up my street. I am a fan of the Pixie stuff, and skincare is way over taking my love of makeup now a days. Excellent calendar countdown so far!

In the Marks& Spencer Book of Beauty today is a Eyeko mascara. I am a big fan of Eyeko, and their mascara are cute being in packet like tubes, and the wands are brilliant! Love the "Feastive eyes" writing on todays box too!

Debenhams beauty calendar day 4 is a MAc prep& prime, which I have been using for YEARS! I mean how long has this been out?! I always have a tube in my make up bag. Pretty cool, but it is a sample size, so i hope the sizes get slightly bigger, like deluxe sample. It was only £35 though, so I am pretty happy so far! :)

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