Monday, 24 December 2018

The Calendars day 24

John Lewis is a Lancome strobe cream, with a voucher for free foundation sample at counters.
I could do with these sort of higlighters, to brighten me up so this will come in handy!

Debenhams Day24 is a £5 voucher to use! Good end to a crappy Calendar! Ha! I wouldn't get the Debenhams one again.

M&S day 24 is a L'Occitane cream, which i know is an excellent one! I shall use this after my CT ones runs dry :)

In the last drawer of the Charlotte Tilbury beauty is a lipgloss called Sweet Stilleto, which is a pale pink and i wore it today and it was delightful! So happy with the minis in this one!

Blogmas Day 24 - Kylie Holiday lip minis

I snapped up one of the mini lip sets on Kylie last month, which is  set of 8 this time, rather than 5 or 6 from the previous ones!
As much i love Kylie though, I cannot affrd to buy it anymore, as this one was $45, Plus $14.95 shipping then a customs fee of £15.76?! Daft money!
Anyhow, I LOVE the colours, even the reds in the set.
Below are the swatches for each colour


 Hot Cocoa
 Small Wonder
 Sweater Weather
 Naughty Is The New Nice
 Under The Tree
No Peeking

Sunday, 23 December 2018

Blogmas Day 23- The Calendars

In the John Lewis calendar today is a Zelens Marine Complex which i think is a skin cream, for night i assume. I saw Zelens is a fave of Caroline Hirons so this should be a good cream to try out this new year in my next skin regime!

In Debenhams today i got some under eye masks, whci i SO needed after the work do last night, as i felt crappy today, and very run down!

In the M&S one today is a highlighter/ bronzer that will be excellent for adding some colour to my pale face this festive season! All of a sudden my face has got really pasty! I am using bronzer none stop now a days!

The Calendars Day 22

John Lewis Day 22 is a Becca primer First Light Primer Filter which another primer is good, but if its a glow one, then I think i'll pass as i just end up looking sweaty, which aint a look is it?!

In Debenhams day 22 is a Paco Rabane Lady Million mini bottle whihc is super cute and a scent i adore! I shall use this in my handbag!

The Book Of Beauty by Marks& Spencer gave a Stila eye pencil, which is ok but looks like a purple or brown so unsure if i'll use it. Hmm.

The Advent Calendars - Day 21

For day 21 in the calendars I got...
John Lewis Hermes perfume

Debenhams has Glamglow which I have been dying to try out, so shall be doing this one on Xmas eve!

M&S is a This Works in transit camera close up, which says it is a primer, mask and moisturiser. Which I love primers so will try it out soon!

Saturday, 22 December 2018

Blogmas Day 22 - Christmas nails

I bloody love having my nails done! Last year when I was having a tough time, I started booking myself in at the nail place for a little treat, and hvae been every 3 weeks since, iether for my nails or a pedicure!
I went for acrylics this Christmas, when I usually have Shellac.
I hve a rose gold and ombre design and I LVOE them. Although using a keyboard is a little tricky!
I shall be going back to Shellac in the new year I think! Ha

Do you go for a Christmas nail treat?

Thursday, 20 December 2018

Blogmas Day 20 - The Advent calendars

John Lewis Day 20 is a Bobby Brown lipstick in a dusky pink shade, which my Mum will adore! I haven't ever tried Bobby Brown but know they are exceptional as a brand ,s oits great to have a mini lipstick to try out!

Debenhams Day 20 is a Bare Minerals cream which I have heard is great! pretty good size of it too!

Marks& Spencer Boo of Beauty today gave a Living Proof perfect hair day which is a 5 in 1 treatment which gives volume, strength, smooths, conditions and polishes, which all sounds amazing.
I don't usually use products though, as they make my mop greasy, but may give this  a whirl in the Christmas holidays!

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

The Advent calendars - Day 19

Day 19 from John Lewis is a Sisley anti wrinkle cream, LOVE the packaging, with the S on it. It did however, get passed onto my friend who loves these creams!

A candle from Debenhams. I mean...!

In the M&S Day 19 is a make up brush, which is a mini so will come in handy for my travels!

Blogmas Day 19 - YSL at christmas

I flipping love YSL at Christmas time! My mum  always buys me a new YSL lipstick, in one of their limited edition shades and packaging, and it makes me so happy!

This year is no exception, and although I have to wait until Christmas day for my lippy, I did snap up a good offer on Boots last week, shown above! I got the new Black Opium fragrance pen, which had an offer with gift with purchase!

The gift with purchase is a nail polish and mini lipstick in red, which isn't something I usually wear, but I will give it a go this Christmas I think!

I also used my Boots points to buy it for £29, or 2900 points! So win/ win!

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Blogmas Day 18 - The Advent Calendars

John Lewis Day 18 is a Bare Minerals skin cream, which I have had a sample of before, and didn't love it.
I will be passing this on!

Debenhams today gave a Murad cleanser which I have had from a magazine before but not tried it out. s my skin is SO bad at the moment, i think i will use this tonight!

From the Book of Beauty by M&S is a sleep cream, which helps skin overnight to look like 8 hours sleep! this is needed for me right now, as the stress levels are ridiculous!
It is genuinsly a great product, as last years went down a treat, if its the same stuff, and just the colour on the tube had changed!

Monday, 17 December 2018

The Advent Calendars - The others

Day 17 in Debenhams is a Ouai leave in conditioner, which is my number 1 for holidays and summer when the sun frazzles my hair!
I'hve seen this everywhere, so i am glad to have a bottle to try out!

The Book of Beauty from Marks& Spencer day 17 is a Balance Me eye cream, which i MAY use after the heavy nights of the festive season, but it isn't something I love really. Sorry! Its a pretty great size though, so i may just pass it on to a friend!

Blogmas Day 17 - The John Lewis calendar update

So I missed out on opening my John Lewis boxes on Friday as I  was super busy, and look at the surprise waiting! An Hourglass highlighter!
Now I have seen so much hype about these that I wanted to try it out, and it is pretty much the one item I bought this calendar for!

Day 15 is a Givenchy perfume, in a cute little bottle! I have never tried  Givenchy scent, so I am excited to try it out!

In day 16 is a Sarah Chapman overnight facial, which I have heard vlogger Caroline Hirons chat about before. I think i'll use this tonight, as I SO need a good facial what with the breakouts i'm having!

Then finally on the catch up is today's treat! Day 17 is a This Works pillow spray, which I adore. If I am struggling to sleep, this is the stuff to send me into a deep sleep!

So, it was definitely worth the wait opening up them all today! Excellent doors!!

Sunday, 16 December 2018

Blogmas Day 16 - Benefit cracker

Ok so, I know Benefit Cosmetics used to feature way heavily over here on Sam Speaks, but I kinda have moved away from it. Not after a bad experience or anything, I just found other products which I loved more.
However, Porefessional will always be my number one primer. I have not found anything better than it! So when I spotted this cute pink beauty crack in Debenhams Oxford Street the other week, I had to snap one up!

Filled with lots of mini treats, like Porefessional and They're Real it is a brilliant gift, (or rather treat for myself) this season!
I love funky designs like this, and unique things.
I assume these are exclusive to Debenhams, and keep being in the 10-15% off discount bonanzas, so keep you eyes peeled!

Saturday, 15 December 2018

Blogmas day 15 - The Advent Calendars

Ok i not ony missed uploading yesterdays advent calendars, but also this is SO bloody late its unreal, PLUS I forgot to open my John Lewis one at work!! Nighmare!
So the JL one will be a Monday triple post...
Onto the CT one, where i got a lip pot, in red, yes the one colour i never wear! But a few friends do wear it, so i shall gift it on!

The the Debenhams for day 14 was a handcream, which always comes in handy as i NEED the stuff now a days! Not heard of the brand though, but i am sure it will be lovely! Pretty decent sized one too!

The Marks& Spencer one gave me a nail file. My Mum will love this item!

The CT beauty drawers today gave a Super Model body, whic i understand it to be a shimmer body product, I think? I shall give it a whirl this week I reckon!

In the Debenhams calendar, there is a lip colour in a metallic shade! It is a full size I think so maybe the 2nd half of this calendar is a little better? Isn't really a shade i'd wear daily, but you never know the occassion i guess!

Day 15 on the Book of Beauty gave a lip colour is a sparkly pink shade, which i will be wearing right away! Excellent choice of colour!

So a lapse for one day means i will work hard this next week!

Friday, 14 December 2018

Blogmas Day 14 - Charlotte Tilbury World of Legendary Parties calendar

I grabbed this beauty in the summer sale at £75, which is half its original price, and the contents are worth around £200!

There are full size items, lots of skincare treats and the drawers are SO cute, that I will be saving this to use on my drawers for make up throughout the year!

I mean how amazing are these drawers and pictures on them?! I am such a huge fan of Charlotte Tilbury, and after heading again to the Covent Garden boutique  a few weeks ago, in love even more so with her items!

So, Day 1, on my countdown to Christmas, is...

The first drawer i have opened is a Magic Cream wrapped up in tissue paper! I am SO happy to have one of these, and the samples I've tried when I get my order has been amazing on my skin! So bloody happy to use this before bed and before makeup and ALL the time!
I know this is going to be a cute countdown to Christmas/ Hols from work!

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