Sunday, 5 August 2018

Kylie Cosmetics Summer 2018

Yes i've bought another lot of Kylie Cosmetics this summer, and this time a bright lip kit called "On Wednesdays" !

Which i find hilarious as its based on the Mean Girls "on Wednesdays we wear pink" famous comment, so I had to snap it up!
I tried it on as above, and thought it was way too bright, and oh my goodness i've picked wrong here! But through the day I got used to it and think it could be my fave now!

I then got all 3 of the super glitter glosses, of whcih i didn't realise HOW glittery they'd be!
This one is Go Bananas, a yellowy gold colour, perfect for these hot summer months for sure!

I like this gloss the best Don't Slip, a pink colour which can be worn alone like here, or can be swept across another lip colour, which I think I might try next time!

Finally in the trio is this one Chill Peel, which is super purple, so i am SO unsure of it! It looks like a clubbers heaven, but mine not so much, so this could be one for Halloween sadly! But I'll give it another go sometime I'm sure!

All in all, the summer collection is good, but my favourite is always the Birthday collection, so i am primed for tomorrow to snap up some goodies, like the mini mattes and eye shadows!

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