Saturday, 14 July 2018

Summer 2018

Back in summer 2017, my car was written off and so was my life. Which sounds horrendously dramatic, but you’ve no idea how things went wrong.
Anyhow onto summer 2018; the best one in years!

I mean how amazing it is to wake up in England, and have clear blue skies and super hot weather?!

This delightful weather means my positivity is good and i am getting myself back on track with this website! I’ve joined a website course, soon to be finished and so will re- do my blog, and will be posting weekly again with beauty, life and travel. All thinga which i love dearly.

This year i have bought a new car, been on holiday to Corfu and lost more weight, so it has been good so far. I will be posting about all of that plus more! Starting tomorrow; Sunday 15th July 2018, i am back posting and getting out there to enjoy life again!

Hopefully there’s people still out there reading... 👋🏼

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