Thursday, 1 March 2018

My love for Soap and Glory has grown!

I know a boldly strange title! Of course I liked Soap and Glory but after this Christmas, I have just fallen in love and appreciate the smells so much! 
The above set was gifted to me and it comes in a cute bag perfect for my holidays with cute compartments! 

I grabbed these pink pallets in the 70% off sale as I thought for summer they'd be brilliant as I always wear hardly any make up. 

This bag was another 70% off steal too! The eyeliner is so good for me to use at the moment as it's easy to apply on a morning. I also got a liner in the HUGE set when it was on a Star gift with Boots! 
I love that the packaging is pink too, and vibrant so it really makes shower time or make up application fun! 
I think this stuff will last me all year until next Christmas when the fun starts again :) 

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