Sunday, 25 February 2018

My friends

Here's a photo from a meal organised by a friend for my birthday. My birthday was Boxing Day, but being that it is so hard for people to make time at Christmas, so I got to do my birthday in Feb! 

I admit I was fully upset that my birthday was a normal day and glazed over, so for this surprise sort of meal to happen was nice. It's nice to realise that friends are always there for me, even if not for that one day. 

The restaurant; Ego at The Bulls Head is a Mediterranean influence like Greek and Italian. There was so much to choose from and starters of the Greek Meze were consumed! 
I had a delicious chicken kebab which came with wraps and a dip of tzatiki ! It was my ideal food!

As you can see I had a couple Aperol Spritzers which have turned into my favourite drink since getting over the bitterness! All through Christas i was polishing them off! 

This blond gal, Clarissa was the one who orchestrated the whole shindig, so a huge thanks to her for being amazing! 
To top it off my boss gave £100 towarss the meal. The boss who is usually impartial and never gives an inclin towards caring about my outside life. How nice is that?! Cheerry on the top of the winderful night! 
I would so recommend Ego restaurants and the delicious menu on offer! 
More photos from the night below! 

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