Saturday, 17 February 2018

I back alive and kicking!

So, its been a while! I didn’t even make it through Blogmas which is SO upsetting! 
To be honest, blogger isn’t working at all so its making it difficult to post! I’m trying to find somewhere that i can do it or make to transfer to my own site! 
Photots just do not work sadly. 

Anyhow since last posting; Christmas was good but boring, my birthday the day after was like a normal day too. I did however get spoilt! I’m sure you’ve seen my inata posts on all of that!

I got a new car on Jan 13th! Finally the exact one i wanted. Can i say though, i miss my old one :( ha! 

So i will be posting weekly or by- weekly as i was, i just need to sort the photo situation out then its all go from me! 

Comnent below and tell me what you want to hear about first; Christmas gift review, advent calendar round up, boots sale or other things?! :) 

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