Monday, 4 December 2017

Blogmas Day 4: Advent Calendar

Day 4 of Blogmas and December is here, slightly late as i forgot to open in the rish of Monday morning!

No7 offered me..

Airbrush Away primer, which i love a good primer but i find this a little too creamy! However i am SKINT so can’t afford my beloved Benefit Porefessional and i am making do with whatever comes my way!

And in the M&S door 4 is...

No a bloody clue...? Gatineau which by the 3 words i can read it probably is an anti wrinkle cream. Not my thing but probably should be now i’m knocking on in my 30s!

So there we go a pretty good Monday, and i will not forget Tuesday! Really hoping for nail polish in the No7 soon! Fingers crossed!! :)

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