Friday, 1 December 2017

Blogmas day 1 - Advent Calendar madness

It is the first ofDecember, which seems to have come around super quickly again! It means Blogmas is back for another year and i am of course kicking my lazy blogging bum into touch and posting each day!

As you can see i have all of the calendars! This M&S one was brilliant last year so i had to grab it again for 2017 countdown. With all sorts of skincare and beauty treats, i got to try loads of new products. For £35 it is brilliant!
The Soap and Glory one is in our office, as we all love a good treat to count down to our week off!

Then i have the No7 Ultimate Beauty  calendar which is by far my favourite on. I’ve had this for the past 3 or 4 years and it has been the best value, best products and beat smiles each day! Love it!

As a special treat i bought my Mum the L’Occitane calendar as she adores the shop and its products! She was so excited last night when i gave her it! Yay! Love peoples smiles at Christmas!

So onto the doors in my two calendars, as the Soap& Glory is divided into 10 people, it isn’t my day until Dec 9th!!

No7 door #1 is...

A mini protect& perfect! Now i admit i’ve NEVER inderstood the hype with this serum, but as i will be 31 this Boxing Day, it may be time to slap it on! So i shall use it each night!

Onto my M&s calendar now...

Behind door number 1 is...

Now i actually love this idea to adda. Hint of glow or tan in the lead up to party season as i HATEmy winter skin and i LOVE summer when i am all tanned up! Great start to this little beauty!

So stick with me to see all behind the doors, plus i’ll be adding extra posts and gift guides soon! :)

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