Sunday, 5 November 2017

Where i’ve been...

I’ve still been around, posting ocassional tweets and instagramming mainly. Not much of a snapshot of whats going on in my life, which usually isn’t something i share here, but i think there should be a change so you can get to know more me. 

On July 1st i woke up to find out my car has been involved in an accident. I’d parked it outside my house and a biker hit it. He died on inpact. His choices to not wear a helmet, and drink were the cuase and effect, but it involved me and none of it was my fault. Since then i’ve not felt myself at all. I’ve felt down, due to my life being changed, my indepence has gone and car prices have gone up so much that its going to take a while to get one, even though i had a pay out which matched what i paid last year. 
I’d just got back from holiday that week it happened, and i felt great, i was so happy, really. Now i am just a but lost. The dark nights where i have to walk home are hard. The weekends where i have to get the bus if i want to anywhere is draining me. 
My love of popping out for a coffee has been taken away from me. 
It will take a while for me to get back to blogging, and i am going to the doctor to see about how they can help me, but samspeaks will be blogging for Blogmas for definitely, and hopefully i’ll get some giftguides up soon. X

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  1. Thanks for sharing this post, excellent Really looking forward to read more.


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