Sunday, 10 September 2017

Leeds festival 2017

Leeds festival for the day is one of the best things to attend at the August bank holiday! It doesn't matter what bands are on, i just love going and chilling out in a field! 

Face painted dots, sparkles in my hair and wellies are all a must! 
I loved the weather as it was so hot! Unbelievable on a British bank holiday! 
I so recommend heading there next year and experiencing the festival for yourself! :) 


  1. It's really important to enjoy holidays as it comes rarely. Good to see that you managed to go out and enjoyed the festival. Great job

  2. This looks like an amazing festival to have visited with so many flowers and decorations. you guys are lucky. and the beautiful smiles make my heart melt. keep us posted.

  3. I like to watch pictures from such festivals. Great fun is at such events.

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