Monday, 14 August 2017

Kylie Cosmetics birthday collection

Yes i bloody bought some Kylie Cosmetics since i LOVED getting the kylighter last week! I went for the Birthday collection and i needed the minis as ive been able to grab them before! Plus the Twenty lipkit, which are my favourite Kylie items! 
They arrived after a week& 2 days which i think it rather speedy! 
In this post i'll do a run down and show all the mini velvets! 
LA - not for me, as the nude/ peach colour didn't go on very well and needed 3 layers. 

Party Girl - i really like this colour. Then i removed it and it had stained my lips purple?! So not sure if i should wear it again!
Stained lips ;

Birthday Suit - i quite like a nude but this needed a few layers.

Sprinkles - the favourite by far! Perfect colour& i will wear it so much! 

Commando - my favourite in the mattes and still love it in the velvets! 

Surprise Me- i thought as a red i would hate this shade, but i really like it! More pinky in it! Gorgeous! 

Run down of the favourite order:
1. Sprinkles 

2. Surprise Me 

3. Commando 

4. Birthday Suit

5. Party Girl

6. LA 

Ok so i bought the mattes too, as i didn't think i'd like the velvets as much, which i don't! Plus a gloss so they'll be here next week! I used a lip brush with these to try so may use as stocking fillers if i love the mini mattes!
Hope you loved the run down here! :) 


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