Sunday, 23 July 2017

North Star Coffee shop brunch

Leeds Dock is not a place i've ever been, and WHY, as i loved my Saturday walk along the canal to visit North Star Coffee, to enjoy a blogger brunch! Excited was an unstatement as soon as i read coffeeeeeee! 
When i arrived i was asked which coffee i'd like, and i went for a filter named Burundi, which was a fruity one mixed with notes of cherry as ita moxed with these when picked. I know check me out... 
Ok, so there's a card which comes with the filted to let drinkers know the origins and flavours. I'm good, but not quite THAT good! 
There were delecious pota of yoghurt and granola to sample, which i am a HUGE fan of granola! 
Plus cheese scones, which tasted like no cheese scone i've ever tried before! 
Which must have been th same for everyone when i saw there were nearly sold out from the counter! 
In true blogger brunch style there was avocado on toast! As much if a hipster admittance this is, i LOVE avo on toast and eat it at least once a week for lunch! This one was with cracked pepper and pickles on a seeded bread. It was good! 
The food kept coming and next up was buttermilk biscuit, spinach, bacon, egg and a brown soicey chutney sauce. It was lovely to accompany my second cup of filter coffee! 
Then to finish our mouth wateringly delcious feast of brunch was brioche toast, with riccotta and black cherries on. It isn't anything i would usually choose but i actually keep thinking how i can recreate it, or if i can squeeze in popping by next week! The mix of cheese savoury with the sweetness of the bread and sweetly sournesa kf thw cherries was juat great. 
The brunch waa so lovely to catch up with some girls i know through other events, plus new faces to chat with. It was a lovely Saturday and just what i needed! Thank you SO much to North Star and Noisette bakery for the treats! 
I grabbed a bag of the Rwanda beans, so will enjoy my morning coffee kick by them this week! Yum! :) 

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