Friday, 16 June 2017

New Picture House - Moonlight

On Friday night we headed to the New Picture House cinema in my home town. The showing was Moonlight, of which we grabbed tickets online, as i was NOT going to miss the Oscar winning in shocking style flick! 
We grabbed out drinks and popcorn before it started, and settled in, not knowing anything about the plot. I loved the cinematography straight away. The camera angles were superb for the deceiption and story. I loved the 3 sections in which the film was laid out too. 
Enjoying our drinks and popcorn. Clearly not the best camera angle! 
The end of the film was left a little open, with it being about a boy who is unsure of himself, and trying to find who he is in life and how he fits. He suspects at a young age that he is gay, and thinks he has found his trueself in the second chapter, but gets into some trouble. It then skips to the third chapter, where he is living in a place not expected, but ending with him meeting his first love. The ending with the two lovers was left open, even though the audience is left to suspect the two men will be together, i was unsure what to think as it was very open ended and left a lot of questions. 
I scored it 4 out of 5 at the end due to this. 
Definitely worth a watch though! 
The New Picture House visit was excellent as always, with the delcious curry pot at the interval for £3.75, gome made cake for £2.25 and freshly brewed coffee for £1.50, or alternative alcoholic drinks too! A cute little night away from reality, which is always welcome! :) 

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