Friday, 21 April 2017

Topshop vibes

Locally to me there is a Topshop seconds shop. Packed full of the latest Topshop designs of jeans, tops, shoes and bags to name a few items, all half Topshop price or less. 
I pretty much head there every Friday, when the new stock is out from their warehouse trip. This Ivy Park jumper was only £16, or the above photo items cost me £36. 
I don't usually say about my fashion trends, as i stick to beauty blogging, but i reckon people would like to know my style, so will start posting more i think! 

With loosing weight after eating good, i went from a size 18, an unhealthy size that being said as i was unfit. I am now a size 14 which i did by eating healthy and walking many places. It has made me feel better about myself. Now i can grab clothes like this at ease! So from now on i'll share my purchases with you! :) 

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