Saturday, 29 April 2017

Topshop vibes #2

 I recently did this post on my recent Topshop purchases from a local seconds shop, and it became one of my most viewed posts! 
So i thiught this could be my new Saturday post, as i head there on Friday mornings before work! 

I'm heading out on Bank Holiday Sunday, so wanted new jeans. I was hoping the weather would have changed by now but alas it is still cold so i had my head set on black jeans with rips.

I managed to pick up a black pair of Jamie jeans in W32 (size 14) L30. I am small in length and recently around Christmas time had lost enough weight to fit in size 14 clothes! Yay! More choice at the shop now! Ha! 

I also spotted a vibrant coloured yellow cami top, which i already have in blue, khaki and white but size 16, so i bought this too as it will be perfect for my summer holiday! 

The jeans were £16, and RRP is £42, the cami top was £10 and RRP is £16! 
Pretty great bargains and well worth getting up early on a Friday to head there! 
This used to be on my local market, but they moved about 3 or 4 years ago after rates went up and the weather got too much for standing out in. I do miss it being on the market, as it was a little cheaper, but ya know times change and it still is worth the trip there! :) 

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