Friday, 28 April 2017

New Picture House - Star Wars: Rogue One

My favourite hang out and local place is back open and i have finally being able to bag a ticket! 
The first few mini film fests, after re-launching in Jan of this year, sold out! Which is amazing news, but as a loyal film go'er and supporter, not so great being able to bag my bum a seat! Ha! 
The New Picture House Cinema has a new home loterally across the road from its old place, on Church Street Dewsbury town centre. And yes, it still hosts and
amazing view from a 3rd floor window!
Just look at this panoramic view from there! A beautiful ciew overlooking town, with a cute seating area to enjoy a drink and chat! 
So on the screen showing was Star Wars: Rogue One, which me and my brother saw when it came out, but for £5 a ticket here we definitely wanted to see it again! 
The story focuses on the time between episode 3: Revenge of The Sixth and 4; Star Wars: A New Hope. The Clone Wars had begun. 
Rogue One is a cartoon series and follows Jyn, who turns out to be such a hero! 
The laughs, action and story are brilliant in Rogue One, and i would recommend and watch it over again due to all of this! 
It was an early showing at 4.30pm so kids were welcome and the New Picture House cinema will be hosting 3 films a month now which is excellent news! 
My two friends and I have already grabbed our tickets for the next screening, which is Moonlight next month. 
I am so happy the cinema is doing so well and i will look forward to going lots more this year! 
Here's a lost of showings next month :) 

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