Sunday, 9 April 2017

Jetting off for food

In Leeds there is a huge restaurant at the top along the headrow called Red Hot World Buffet, and for ages me and friends have been saying we NEED to go!  So we sid just that last week and had the most amazing array of food! 
Its set up like a departures lounge upon walking in, then you "jet off" to all the different countries, when you get stuck into the all you can eat goodies! 
Here i had a mix of torillas, duck pancakes, kalimari, potato wedges, samosa, prawn crackers. So far east, india, china, mexican mixed up! To finish there were all sorts of cute desserts! However, we'd eaten SO much so we could barely move! 
I would so recommend heading there, to enjoy the mixture as there is something for everyone! :) 

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