Sunday, 23 April 2017

CT facemask

I look like a Mexican Wrestler in the new Charlotte Tilbury face mask, but it was actually lovely for my skin!
The Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask is rather pricey at £18 a pop! It can be used 3 times, and comes in a re-sealable packet. Its full of great vitamins and is based on the Magic Cream by Charlotte Tilbury, which is THE cream everyone loves! 
Its a full sheet mask but its dry, instead of being that gloopy mess some masks are! 
The Magic mask has eye and holes as well as 2 sets of loops for the ears. Which kind of hurt, so maybe my head is too large?! 
It was uncomfortable on the ears, but i massages on my face, and lasted the 15mins. 
When i removed i wasn't expected much, as i didn't see a dry mask doing much, 
However my face felt bright, refreshed and generally good. 
Would i buy again? Probably not. While i did like the brightening effect, i prefer my skincare to unclog pores and work on blemishes rather than this for wrinkles. Great to try the Magic Cream in a different format though! :) 


  1. My mum bought this and thought it was rubbish. I guess its a bit gimmicky.
    Alex ox

    1. Definitely gimmicky! Bloody hurt my ears too! Ha! Thannks for reading :)

  2. The eye mask is so cute!


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