Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Cosmetics haul for less

While also tackling the motorway for the first time, i was heading back to York Designer outlet; McArthur glen. The week before i went and spotted the makeup shop, The Cosmetics Company Store. Packed full of Estee Lauder companies products, Estee Lauder, Smashbox, MAC, Clinique etc. 
Previously i bought the MAC Skinfinish Mineralise in Soft& Gentle. I am loving it for a everyday highlighter and it was 25% off RRP! 

Here is my haul of things from this Trip! 
Indecided to pick up a few things, as i wanted to sample a few bits n bobs. 
I desperately needed foundation, so decided to go for MAC as the Estee Lauder Double Wear was great coverage and match, but was causing a weird flash back on photos due to the high SPF. It looked odd on nights out, so with MAC i thought it would be as good as my favourite concealer. 
This is shade NC20, same as my pro longwear wear concealer and it fits me perfectly. This is an exact match and covers all my imperfections well. £16.50 instead of £23.50! Bargain or what?! 
As i did need foundation i spotted this Estee Lauder Double Wear compact. It is a lighter coverage than the bottled Double Wear. It is a cushion foundation, so where the sponge is here, under is a hole you press and out comes the liquid. Pretty great for on the go, or rushed mornings like mine! 
£16.50 instead of £33!
I got this lipstick.
I really wanted Whirl, but its only aold in a set with gloss and lipliner, and didn't want that bumf. I instead got Midsummers Night. A light brown golden shade which looks nude but shiny on my lips.
£11.75 instead of £15.50!
Lastly i picked up this eye pot.
I did think it was a cream shadow, buts its actually an eyeliner gel. However, it is really great! Its a dark bronze and exactly the colour i wanted. I have been wearing it with my black liner, to gove a good metallic shimmer. 
£11.75 instead of £16.50.

So all of this little haul for £56.50! Such a brilliant saving and everything i needed to stock up on! I will definitely be heading back there soon! :)

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