Saturday, 15 April 2017

Benefit pop up the pink shop

Once again Benefit Cosmetics in the UK have come up with a brilliant idea for a pop up! The Bold is Beautiful chairty campaign launched by Benefit has its own chairty shop this year! 
When Benefit do pink, they go all out like these decorations! 
You can get a brow wax, pick up Benefit merchendise or pick up a designer bargain like shoes or tshirts! It is so great! 
I starting picking up bits as soon as walking in, like a Benefit shower cap, benefit flip flops, benefit calendar... it was great! There is a DJ playing at the back of the store, where lots more exciting treasures are! 
A little windswept in this photo! 
I did wear pink to head there and so glad i did! 
Pink everyyyything! 
Its there until this evening - Manchester, 2 Market Street, opposite M&S! You should SO go there to check it out! 
The next and last pop up is in Edinburg next week, check out for details! 
For now, here's my haul :) 

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