Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Return of the MAC

Return of the MAC indeed! The Pro Longwear concealer is the best! I ran out of this in maybe September, and thought i'd give other concealers a chance. 
I was in their Covent Garden boutique this weekend and it called out to me again! 

So, there you go, i have firmly decided MAC rule for my under eye dark circles! 
My shade is NC20, which has a yellow tone. The Pro Longwear is a mini pump bottle, which i find strange as it always means its hard to get out the bottom dribbles, but it works so well due to the thick consistency, but which doesn't congeeal under or cake! So it sits under my eye, covering those dark (BLACK) circles! 

I did originally use the MAC Mineralise concealer, and while i do prefer the brush wand with that, the Pro Longwear lasts sooo much longer and battles the day for me! 
Honestly for £18 it is well worth the money, and usually i hate paying so much! 

I am now thinking i should go back to the MAC foundation, which i was using the Skin Finish, but i think i'd try the Pro Longwear! 

Seriously, if you can check this Pro Longwear concealer out at a MAC counter/ boutique soon! 

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