Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Golden Goddess birthday surprise

For my birthday my Mum & Dad got my the Estee Lauder Golden Goddess perfume! 
Now my birthday is December 26th, and if you also have a winter birthday, you know how much of a brilliantly rare treat having a summer item like this is, on your special day! 
They'd grabbed it on the plane on their winter jollies for £38! What an absolute bargain, when it retails at £55+! 

The Golden Goddess fragrance smells of coconuts, vanilla and summer memories, not sweetly overpowering, but long enough to linger the whole day. 

I have tried it out as it smells devine! I am saving for the warmer months when i love a fruity smell! 

The Estee Lauder Golden Goddess is having a revamp this spring, and will be put soon in a fancy new bottle! Hotting shops soon! :) 

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