Sunday, 26 February 2017

The Blockbuster Set

The Elizabeth Arden Blockbuster set was a gorgeous gift i recoved this Christmas. Bot only is the Christmas set asthetically pleasing, i am using it every single day and still very much lusting over it! 
With make up brushes, eye pallettes, lipsticks and liners to name a few make up products, it has everything i need for my morning make up routine! 
The red bag wasn't the colour i wanted, but i love that if fits so much in, with easy access! 
On my birthday i used the Grand Entrance mascara, and haven't stopped using it since! It makes my lashes so beautiful with volume and curl, it is amazing! I used the eye pallette with the bronze/ brown tones, sticking with my faves, and the blush and highlighter pallette to name a few products included in the Blockbuster set. 
I admit i did think Elizabeth Arden was for older women, but i am definitely a fan of the products after recieving this! 
Thanks so much to my friend Clarissa for giving me this, i will be sure to be a good girl in 2017, for the next years set! Ha! 

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