Friday, 9 December 2016

Ice Lolly - Blog At The Beach

(Picture - blog at the beach cracker, schedule and part game)

Last Saturday i headed to Leeds to attend the 2nd Ice Lolly Blog At The Beach event this year! The last one was packed with amazing information on blogging and online presence. This time i bought a notebook for lots of jotting down!! 

(Picture - seats and room)

It was a festive day, with decorations, crackers on seats& a glass of mulled wine to sip on. 

(Picture - Emma introducing the event)

Emma introduced the day& told us what to expect throughtout! 

(Picture - Elizabeth from Rosilium talking)

I need to get more involved in Pintrest after hearing Elizabeth, from Rosalilium, talk so passionately about it! So much can be gained with pinning my blog on there! 

(Picture - me dressed in festive glasses& hat)

I got myself a festive makeover in the break... 

(Picture - Judith taking)

Crazy cool Canadian Judith, chocolate lover, talked about SEO, which is a subject i am desperate to have more knowledge in. I wrote so much information down on it! 
I do wish i'd asked a question though, as everyone recieved a Hotel Chocolat star piece!! Yummy! 

(Picture - Sabina talking)

Last up was Sabina who blogs at Girl Vs Globe and who i loved in summer! The topic was instagram and i currently working on everything Sabina gave as tips. Amazing hints& info! 

(Picture - food spread for us all)

The food spread was gorgeous and delcious, and i gorged on a full plate! 

The day was packed full of so many excellent points, which i will be working on throughout the next year, to improve my blog AND get mysrlf bloody travelling again!! I seem to have stopped for a while, and i need to get myself out & about in 2017! 

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