Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Blogmas : Zaap Thai Leeds

I had heard great things about the new Thai restaurant in Leeds, which is at the bottom of the Grand Arcade, in the building that used to br Rios club! 
Filled with quirky Eastern memorabilia and neon signs the atmosphere is special as soon you walk in! 
There is SO much choice on this menu! 
We went for a mixture if everything from pork, and chicken and steamed vegetables. It was all tasty! 
The plates here are so colourful! 
The array of colours is eye popping and it taste as good as it looks! 
Chicken toast was a fave!! 
Complimentary prawn/ chilli crackers tied us over until the food arrived! 
The table across from us. 
There was a celebration at the table across from us, and out came the tradition drums, with lots of singing from the staff! 
I really loved the experience here and how much it was at Zaap, and so so mouth wateringly good food! 

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