Saturday, 10 December 2016

Blogmas - Soap and Glory - The Whole Glam Lot

Yes, the week has arrived. The most anticipated day in the Boots Star Gifts / beauty calendar. The week of the Soap& Glory offer! 
Last year was the first time i snapped up the offer for myself, even though i'd bought S&G products for friends! But the allure of pink and sweet smelling treats was immense and i jumped fully on the bad wagon! 
This years is a small tin suitcase filled with completely different stuff to 2015, but with the same fruity smelling delights! 
I actually picked up 3, one for me& two for friends! 
I cannot wait to start using all these and get my pamper on for the festive season!!  
Get to Boots NOW to grab one for only £30 :) 

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