Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Blogmas - home made beauty crackers

I decided to make my own beauty crackers a couple of years ago. All year i collect beauty samples, and they are the perfect gift when doing not too much. 
I split between 6 crackers as there is a dinner with my girls next Weds, where we're meeting for our monthly catch up and to have a glass of festive fizz no doubt! As we all have tonnes of people to buy for we don't usually gift each other, so crackers filled with freebies seemed the perfect option! 
I grabbed a pack of crackers from the pound shop, to fill myself as the faff of either make them from scratch or getting a cracker making kit is a pain, and filling the existing ones is easier! 
I've done them and put them in a festive bag ready for next Weds! 

There is plentyyy of time before the big day, so have a go yourself! :) 

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