Saturday, 24 December 2016

Blogmas : Day 24 - Christmas food

Christmas time is all about enjoying great food for me, and this year there has been so much! So i thought i'd post about the best nights i've had this festive season! 
Zaap Thai food plates
Delicious food in Leeds at Zaap Thai, sampling their amazing dishes filled with tasty treats! We ordered so much& only spent £15 each between 3 of us! Will be heading there again soon! 
Pret a Manger coffee and mince pie
I love a coffee stop in the middle of a shopping spree and with Pret serving 99p filter, or tasty mint hot chocs, its a must for me! This combo of coffee(or tea) & mince pie is £1.99 this festive season! 
Chocolate dessert
Our staff do consisted of great food at San Carlo in Leeds,  and only 3 of us... ha. Bah humbug to the rest of the office crew! The food is pricey but so worth it! 
Food layout on table
Our Italian friend had is round for a festive noghy of present swapping and delicious Italian treats! Brushetta is AMAZING! 
Christmas treats made with bacon& pastries! 
Lemon biscuits with choc chips! 
Of course i am super excited for my Christmas meal tomorrow, but the build up to the big day has been equally as great! Yum! 
Also, just to put the icing on top of Christmas, i've lost more weight!! Best Christmas ever?! :) 

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