Sunday, 9 October 2016

Make up change up

So as I'll be wearing my foundation again and opting for the warmer tones ready for the colder weather, I decided to change my up bag. 
I usually hide and save the pretty and high end make up items, but this weekend I've decided life in s too short and I need to use them! So out has come the CHANEL, YSL, and other bits ready for me to use up! Then I can buy more pretty sure at Christmas too! Ha! 
But it IS silly saving the high end in fear of using them and I need to get use out of them and all the colours like the Rouge Noir lipstick and mascara, or the Kiss edition YSL Touch Eclat, are perfect for Autumn when my skin is dulling and paleing! 
So, are you a make up saver too?! Or am I just silly? Be sure to comment below& I'll respond! :) 


  1. I actully not a makeup saver as I get to excited about using it all when I buy it aha! But I know other people who save their high end makeup as well so you're not alone!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. I shall have to turn into one of those people as it is just silly saving it! :) Thanks for reading lovely! X


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